Let's Become Student Once again!

Nazibar Rahaman

MA(Hist), MEd, BSc
President, Saltora B Ed College.

Sir to someone, 'Dada' to someone.

He was born on 24th April 1943 at a small village called Deuldanga near Midnapur town. Due to father’s transferable job came to Saltora, later he took Saltora as place of work gradually he became very own respected Dada to the people of Saltora.

He came to this small village as an Ast. Teacher of a High school (Saltora Dr. B. C Vidyapith, a junior High School then ) later with his and his colleague's continuous effort it became A Higher Secondary School.

In 1996 he and a group education loving people of Saltora established Saltora Girl’s School to make higher secondary education more available to local girls.

Before year 2000 nearest Degree College was 30 km away from Saltora and it was very tough for local student to continue further study after high school. To enhance the educational infrastructure of Saltora he took a mission to establish a degree college in Saltora. In the year 1997 and many people came forward and joined this mission. Finally in the year 2000 Saltora Netaji Centenary College was founded. The college has been named after Netaji Subhas Chanda Bose. All the necessary money needed to build the infrastructure to start this college was given by local people. Today Saltora Netaji Centenary College (Govt. Aided Degree College) has become one of the preferable destinations for the students.

Lifestyle and educational expectation of people of saltora and nearby areas have been positively impacted by his continuous effort and social work.

Column from President

Education is essential for all-round development of a nation. It is very much like a pill to cure the ills of society. Spreads of education in various strata of society and to make education effective, adequate number of trained teacher are essential. What we see in present situation is that number of students from different walks of life is gradually on increase. They require to be educationally nourished. Again educational nourishment depends on scientific and efficient delivery of lessons by teachers trained in that direction. But the fact is that the number of trained teachers is not enough to cope with the situation. As such in view of the growing need of trained teachers, setting up of teacher-training institute is necessary.

In such an educational scenario we took initiative to set up a B Ed college on self-financing basis at Saltora (Po- Saltora, Dist- Bankura, West Bengal) to provide teacher training facilities to the existing as well as would be teachers. We have affiliation from the University of Burdwan and reorganization from N.C.T.E for our B Ed College. In addition to this we have in our mind to set up elementary and other teacher-training institute in the future. We hope to have all kinds of assistance from the education loving people that will make our effort successful.

Wish a good luck to all.